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About North Carolina Placebook

North Carolina Placebook is a site and an email newsletter that seeks to inform anyone interested in North Carolina about North Carolina.

What You Need to Know About North Carolina

Our email newsletter, What You Need to Know about North Carolina-News Across North Carolina, comes out every weekday. We search the state’s daily newspapers, news magazines and national news outlets of any form to bring you the news that doesn’t necessarily get multiple articles, shared all over your social media network news feed or talked about around the proverbial water cooler. Yet, once these items come to light, they often have the greatest impact on your life. Here’s a list of what we tend to cover:

  • Local and state government activities (General Assembly, County Commissions, City Councils)
  • Public education
  • Infrastructure developments (but not daily traffic updates)
  • Major real estate developments
  • Other activities that come under public policy changes and advocacy
  • Food, festivals and other cultural activities, to mix up things just a bit.


Explaining North Carolina

Our news explainers, Explaining North Carolina, are news explainers from our perspective of native North Carolinians, but in the spirit of those other news explainers from other web and print publications around the world. Check out our latest news explainer here, on how to vote in North Carolina.

We are a publication of Kristen Jeffers Media, a media consultancy owned and operated by Kristen Jeffers virtually, but currently out of Greensboro, NC. While we tend to lean left on matters, we seek to be as straightforward as possible and present all sides of issues. All explainer content is either of our own or we will link directly back to the primary sources for information and research.  We also seek to link directly back to the best news sources for a particular piece of information. If you ever have questions about our activities or have a tip for our newsletter, click here.

If you would like to get on the weekday email list, click here or submit your email into the form at the very top of the page. You can have it sent to you at the time of day you prefer. You can also find the entire email here on this site by 7:30 a.m. eastern.

If you would like to advertise with us, click here for more information. In addition, some of the ads here are affiliate ads, which allows Kristen Jeffers Media to earn money, money that goes back into creating the site you see today and other web ventures in the Kristen Jeffers Media family. We only recommend things that we have used ourselves and can vouch for their usefulness. We do not take responsibility for what happens once you click on those links and leave our site.