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News Across for North Carolina for March 12, 2015

It’s Thursday, here’s your news!

News Across North Carolina for March 12, 2015

Starting today with a profile of one friend of the Placebook and another who only needs $200,000 to remodel their renowned art space.

Another school in Winston-Salem is sitting on contaminated grounds, this time, a charter school.

The community effort for the complete restoration of the Northeast Greensboro shopping center that’s been mostly vacant for 20 years is profiled here, with an aerial picture of the center, showing surrounding homes and the condition of the center.

A few more weird laws on the books here in the state.

Efforts underway in High Point to address their food desert.

One of the oldest skyscrapers in the south, which happens to be in Greensboro, will be renovated.

Greensboro has named a new police chief, someone who was already in the department.

And the Greensboro City Council redistricting has passed the State Senate.

Teenagers could be completely banned from using tanning beds if this bill passes.

High school AP courses will not carry an extra weight on G.P.A.

Instead of the gas tax, this state senator wants everyone to be charged $201 a year.

The town of Cornelius could get a history museum.

Planners for the City of Wilmington unveiled their 25-year growth plans yesterday.

Proposed changes to a flood zone at Topsail Beach could benefit more property owners and residents, who won’t have to pay more flood insurance.

The right whales off the coast may get an extra layer of protection.

School lunches and drivers ed. are going up in Cumberland County.

And finally, Lawmakers are working to bring back the medical expenses tax deduction and the historic preservation tax credit.

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