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News Across for North Carolina for March 20, 2015

Two words. Buzzer. Beater. My Pack lives on. Your teams and brackets? Maybe. The news is here right now:

News Across North Carolina for March 20, 2015


At the General Assembly…a Senate bill to get rid of religious exemptions for vaccinations…a Senate bill allowing for more barrels of beer at microbreweries…more support for medical marijuana… the school calendar bill has support in the House, but faces an uphill battle in the Senate.

Guilford County’s Republican  sheriff wants a referendum for changes to the Greensboro City Council.

Winston-Salem street performers won’t be able to amplify their sound.

You can now study aviation at this Western North Carolina community college.

More state money will be made available for community colleges for scholarships and other preferred areas of study.

Charlotte and Asheville will be two of the spaces on the latest Monopoly board.

There are less farms for Charlotte Water to spread sewage sludge on.

North Carolina has one of the highest rates for college completion in the nation.

Chapel Hill is sorting through issues around affordable housing and has been for a number of years.

Wilmington is now a Bee City USA.

NC DOT is changing emissions and inspections standards. They also want you to come to a public meeting or leave feedback on MindMixer for the statewide transportation plan.

Wrightsville Beach has been successful with keeping Duke Energy from doing unnecessary tree trimming.

And finally, a prehistoric crocodile has been discovered in Chatham County.

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