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News Across North Carolina for April 1, 2015

None of this news is fake. You might want it to be fake, but this might be your realest space to be on the Internet today. You can thank me later. Happy April. Just April. Month four of the year. Let’s continue the celebration of non-fake news:

News Across North Carolina for April 1, 2015

The underground of  Raleigh’s Cameron Village shopping center will re-open for one night only. Then The Fresh Market will take it over.

According to an analysis by the Pew Charitable Trusts, North Carolina is one of 30 states that have yet to recover tax revenue-wise from the recent recession. Personal income of North Carolinians is also not keeping up with the national average.

A progress report on the once troubled City of Greensboro program to offer loans to private companies operating low-income apartment complexes.

Guilford County’s sheriff and his wife have been awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, one of the highest civilian honors granted to people who have a record of outstanding service to the state. This Union County DSS official received one too.

North Carolina is one of several states that just received a waiver from compliance with the federal No Child Left Behind educational law.

At the General Assembly: the Rockingham County School Board bill passes through the full House, both houses promise strict scrutiny of their religious freedom bills, NASCAR legend Richard Petty came to visit them and the governor, the House wants the Senate to pass their bill restoring some of the historic preservation tax credits, the House version of the grading scale bill sailed through committee; a House bill to raise the age at which one is tried as an adult for some crimes.

What the governor is doing: Visiting vaults of vital records to ask for an expedited process for death certificates, which currently take months to arrive.

An audit has found issues at the N.C. Department of Employment Security.

A group of folks want a bill filed at the General Assembly to de-annex Winston-Salem’s Smith-Reynolds Airport from the city.

Asheville’s appointed school board is a rarity among school boards across the state.

If you need to renew your license in Wilmington, you can do so at a mobile unit at the city’s upcoming Azalea Festival.

Ozone forecasts are back for the state.

By 2045 the sea level at the coast could rise 10.5 inches.

Wake County Schools will introduce new regulations on having animals in classrooms.

RDU wants more international flights. Plus, they have a blog.

Chronic homelessness in Mecklenburg County has dropped by 36 percent over the past five years. Meanwhile Cumberland County has identified homelessness along with economic development, as major issues it wants to tackle.

And finally, why “Dixie” is dead, an article that covers where North Carolina sits in the “South” and discusses political polarity and exactly where the dirt is red clay in the state.

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