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News Across North Carolina for April 16, 2015

More rain, more news:

News Across North Carolina for April 16, 2015

According to a Duke study, charter schools are a major point of re-segregation of schools statewide.

At the General Assembly: Party affiliations could be coming to school board and judgeship elections; graffiti is a crime, thanks to the House; also thanks to the house, public school student Personal Education Plans are now optional; House committees have OKed drivers licenses for undocumented residents of North Carolina and Sunday hunting on private land. Undocumented workers would still be subject to increased E-Verify provisions under this bill that also cleared a House committee today. In the Senate, this bill brings all control of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft under NC DOT, not individual cities and another provision to help rehab historic buildings has been pulled off the table in committee. Also pulled from the agenda in Senate committee, a bill to affirm the federal law that allows for parents of disabled children and adults to create savings accounts that would not affect benefits the disabled people could receive on their own. People from Ocracoke would no longer automatically be at the front of the ferry to the island. Instead, they’d have to pony up $150 for that privilege. And finally from the General Assembly, a bill to allow the Opossum Drop that happens on New Years Eve in Clay County.

More evidence of lost colonies on Hatteras Islands.

If someone calls and claims to be Duke Energy, make sure it’s really them.

What goes into creating artificial reefs for fishing.

Rental cars have a new home at Charlotte Douglas Airport. Frontier Airlines is now providing more frequent service from Denver to PTI.

Winston-Salem City Council has passed an ordinance limiting street performers to certain hours and prohibiting electric amplification. However, the issue is not over yet.

The governor doesn’t like the idea of offshore drilling.

And finally, exactly how interested the state is in legal marijuana sales.

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