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News Across North Carolina for April 17, 2015

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News Across North Carolina for April 17, 2015

The Triad area is now number one in the country for food insecurity.

Oil spilled on several birds in a pond near an old Kmart in Greensboro yesterday.

At the General Assembly: A bill to block citizens from seeing video from police body cameras; a House resolution to replace a statue of Charles B. Aycock with one of Billy Graham at the U.S. Capitol Building; a House bill to make it easier to put up digital billboards and for the state to override counties and cities preferences on placement; the House has repealed the Map Act, which made it harder for homeowners to sell lands that the state intends to take for road or other projects; partisan elections for school boards and the bench have made it through the House.

Students at Alamance Community College can now transfer some of their credits directly into NC A&T as full courses. NC A&T hopes to get 1,890 participants in its commemorative 1890 walk, honoring its founder’s day.

People in Forsyth County want a new courthouse. Forsyth County will raise its debt ceiling to finance more capital projects.

The leader of the state’s community college system is leaving to lead Northern Virginia Community College.

Apple will buy a forest in Brunswick County to use as a product packaging farm.

And finally, Fayetteville is updating its bus stops.

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