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News Across North Carolina for April 28, 2015

Good morning from soaking Dallas. Missing the bit of sunshine in Durham yesterday already. Looking forward though to meeting with fellow Streetsbloggers and making pages like this even better. Now, some news for your Tuesday morning:

News Across North Carolina for April 28, 2015

Walled off: Already, a handshake agreement between a Greensboro developer and a popular restaurant owner has been disregarded, over an exterior wall.

Still teaching: These Rockingham County teachers and staff members are safe in their jobs, for now, as the public school budget remains up in the air.

Local debt ceiling cracked: Forsyth County has raised its debt ceiling, in order to work on a few capital projects.

Tightening a belt: Citizens in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County are suing the state over the proposed Northern Beltway, in relation to a possible repeal of a law that restricts homeowners in the path of proposed NC DOT projects from selling land that the state is not ready to develop yet.

More taxes: The City of Asheville is considering a property tax increase. This is to counter the loss of tax and fee revenue brought on by state legislation.

Community policing: How Asheville program really works.

Tops in retirement: Asheville again, unsurprisingly.

Early childhood care cuts: How this Charlotte center is managing statewide cuts in services.

Whistles blown at the firehouse: The Charlotte City Council will release a report around allegations of misconduct at a Charlotte fire department facility.

At the General Assembly: No powdered alcohol, yes raw milk, says the full House. A House committee will make a decision on funding for Fayetteville’s Public Works Commission, which is the main electrical and water utility in the area. Also, the House has approved a police body camera study and senators will let the City of Raleigh have the Dorothea Dix property after all.

More budget help: Wilmington is asking for help with their budget shortfall. Also Brunswick County wants state funding for lifeguards.

And finally, Let’s not be cops: Fayetteville is having trouble recruiting police officers.

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