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News Across North Carolina for April 6, 2015

I hope the bunny brought you awesome things and that you bathe in the spirit of rebirth as we go into this first full week of April. Let’s get informed with some news:

News Across North Carolina for April 6, 2015

At the General Assembly: A House bill to allow hard cider to be sold at any restaurant that has full ABC permits; A House bill to end discrimination in the hiring process against pregnant women;

How our congressional delegation voted.

The state Department of Public Instruction has made an error on how it calculates graduation rates for 156 schools.

Raleigh’s giant water slide will happen on May 30.

How HondaJet, with operations in Greensboro and Burlington, will boost the local economy and become a major player in the aviation industry. A second Durham startup has won the top prize at Google’s Demo Day.

Forsyth County’s mental health court is finding success and continuing to learn lessons in its third year.

Also for a third year, complaints about the Do Not Call List are the number one consumer complaint to the Attorney General’s office.

How Asheville artists provide more than an economic boost to the area.

This Charlotte homeless shelter for women and families is turning away people due to overcapacity.  This Charlotte homeless shelter lent out phones for residents to call their families on Easter.

Paid parking spaces could be coming back to Topsail Beach. Fayetteville is reviewing its backyard boat parking policies.

The Wilmington Police are launching a reality show on themselves on YouTube.

And finally, what it takes to be middle class, in every state including ours.

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