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News Across North Carolina for April 7, 2015

You can either love or hate Duke right now. Or wish we had a Major League Baseball team so we can truly celebrate Opening Day. (Yes, capitalized). Or you can just read today’s news:

News Across North Carolina for April 7, 2015


The kid who got into all of the Ivies is from Wilmington.

It’s just not a good week for Amtrak in North Carolina. Month honestly. And the project to relieve rail congestion in downtown Fayetteville is still on hold.

Bojangles, one of the few chicken places I openly admit eating at, is seeking an IPO.

At the General Assembly: Bills in both houses calling for a congressional committee to replace a statue of Charles B. Aycock with one of Billy Graham.

Health premiums are going up for folks on the state government health plan, including teachers.

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of those wishing to reverse changes in our election laws, namely the piece on same-day voter registration.

The Coastal Crescent Trail, has opened.

If this recycling center opens, then the Wilmington area’s recycling needs could be handled locally.

And finally, this is supposedly the best restaurant(s) in each North Carolina county.

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