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News across North Carolina for February 16, 2015

Before we get started today, this is your link to keep up with the changes in the weather. I’ve fallen in love with this weather site because it updates, has an almanac, does hour-by-hour and has a temperature station that’s probably closer to you than the one the other channels use. Plus, it does link to the National Weather Service. Anyway, please prepare well. Anyway, your Monday news:

News Across North Carolina for February 16, 2015


Guilford County’s prison farm has been officially shut down.

The N.C. Zoo is closed too, but only to prepare for the upcoming winter storm.

Major road construction has picked up around Greensboro.

This lot adjacent to a portion of the Greensboro Urban Loop will soon get a major shopping center.

A new center under construction will bring Rockingham County’s 911 services under one roof.

The state Supreme Court is set to evaluate how well the school voucher program is working.

The recent cold weather has prompted more questions on how well this homeless service provider in Greensboro can provide service.

Some feel the proposed drone bill doesn’t go far enough in creating regulations.

Two of the state’s managed care organizations are set to merge soon.

Highlights from Saturday’s march in Raleigh.

Buncombe County is considering building a natatorium.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are set to tell the courts more about their cellphone tracking scheme.

This house in Edenton is even older than previously thought.

Charlotte-Douglass Airport is seeking someone to help it develop the areas it owns around the airport.

Wilmington City Council may change its policy on offering area nonprofits first dibs on surplus supplies and property.

Bringing Sanderson Farm’s proposed plant back to Cumberland County could come down to one vote on the county board of commissioners.

This plot of land has served not just as a land trust, but as a training ground for Army Special Forces, stationed at nearby Fort Bragg.

The governor has depleted the corporate incentives fund used to recruit companies to the state.

Residents of this Raleigh neighborhood will be honored for living there for over 70 years.

Durham’s Inter-Neighborhood Council also honored some residents of its neighborhoods.

And finally, what happened to Greensboro’s tent city.

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