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News across North Carolina for February 20, 2015

I can vouch for myself and say that I’m not an icicle. I did look something like this today and yesterday, when I went outside:



Please take similar precautions so you don’t have frostbite on your nose. Also, please enjoy your weekend. It’s the last full one in February! Here’s your news for Friday:

News Across North Carolina for February 20, 2015

What the Vice President and the Transportation Secretary said at their appearances in Charlotte and Durham today. This guy in Charlotte was shocked that the Vice-President wanted to come to his business in Charlotte yesterday.

C-SPAN will air the segments on history and books filmed in Greensboro this weekend.

Also in Greensboro, a workplace safety violation at the city-owned and currently being demolished War Memorial Auditorium; the mayor’s veto is out of state bill 36; and the Friendly Ave./Hobbs Rd. neighbors are still debating with developers of the lot on the other side of Hobbs from the established Friendly Center.

High Point’s City Lake is now named after one of the city’s former mayors.

The interim director of the State Bureau of Investigations is now permanent.

Also today in Durham, the mayor gave his state of the city, pushing for completion of the Orange-Durham light rail line.

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall will lead the National Association of Secretaries of State, after the slate of resignations and promotions caused by the resignation of Oregon’s governor.

You can legally have an affair as a political favor in North Carolina.

According to the Sierra Club, this Western North Carolina plant is too toxic.

We might be complaining about the cold, but these animals at the Western North Carolina Nature Center are handling them just fine.

A development around Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte is on hold for another year.

The Charlotte City Council is still debating some proposed provisions for LGBT citizens and incentives for a Frito-Lay plant expansion.

UNC-Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College collectively have a $1.2 billion regional impact. Meanwhile the community college is asking for more funding from New Hanover County.

The governor wants all tourist attractions operated by the state in one department.

U.S. Rep. Rouzer was in Pender County today to meet with the Pender County commissioners and other area leaders to get a sense of what they want from his representation in Congress.

Film industry lobbyists are gearing up to push for an expanded film grant program.

Water systems in the smaller communities close to Fort Bragg are aging and could become major issues if not addressed soon.

Asheville is running into trouble with its proposed giant Slip-and-Slide. Yes, a giant Slip-and-Slide may be coming to Asheville.

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