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News across North Carolina for February 24, 2015

Happy Tuesday! Wherever you are, be safe. Let us remember spring will be here soon. Your news from across North Carolina is here now:

News Across North Carolina for February 24, 2015

The former Chinqua Penn plantation in Rockingham County has been sold.

The City of Greensboro could fund and develop its portion of the preparations for the multi-county mega-industrial site soon. This site is hoped to attract an auto manufacturer to the area.

The effort to guarantee college scholarships for Guilford County Schools high school graduates received a $5 million boost yesterday.

This map shows which UNC system school a student is most likely to attend in each county.

East Carolina University will rename its building named after Charles B. Aycock. Many such buildings across the state have been the subject of scrutiny, due to Aycock’s views on segregation.

ECU also wants more funding for its medical school, so it can train more doctors to practice in rural areas.

The Greensboro Science Center welcomed five baby African penguins yesterday.

The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) is seeking to re-write the state law that determines how it’s managed and governed.

The state is considering putting electronic devices on all the vehicles it owns and leases out to employees, to examine both driving habits and the need to own as many cars.

The state’s chief justice may officially address a joint session of both houses of the General Assembly, for the first time since 2001.

The Forsyth County Jail appears to be booking less inmates, bucking a national trend of growing prison populations.

This parking deck owned by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office is corroding. There are plans to renovate the deck to fix the rotting areas.

Three more county school systems have worked with their state house members to file a bill to set school calendars as they see fit.

Members of the Asheville City school board are concerned about lowered teacher morale if a proposal to extend the student workday, but not the teacher’s workday with and without the students is passed.

The U.S. Attorney who prosecuted several key cases in Charlotte in recent years, is leaving her post.

After an audit found that several Charlotte city executives were overpaid, the city of Charlotte is changing it’s employee reimbursement policy.

The Town of Spring Lake could vote this week to amend their town charter.

This and this person are resigning from their respective city councils.

And finally, mass-market residential solar power is coming to the Triangle, courtesy of this California-based company.

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