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News across North Carolina for February 3, 2015

It’s day three of month two of 2015. Nothing special about today really, but there’s always news to share:

News Across North Carolina for February 3, 2015

The state groundhogs are split. According to Sir Wally Wally and Snead, there will be an early spring. Queen Charlotte is predicting six more weeks of winter.

In case you missed it, Esquire profiled Art Pope and how he’s now taking on public education in the state of North Carolina.

Education Week took on the challenges Guilford County Schools has faced with its tablet program.

While this focuses on Greensboro’s increasing number of breweries, this article is a good look at how the micro-brewery industry has been allowed to grow in North Carolina.

Affordable housing is in short supply in Greensboro, according to this report to the city council.

North Carolina can issue more debt bonds than they could a year ago, according to this study.

More accidents are happening on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

This Asheville store is closing for good and this one is closing for renovations.

The old Pepsi bottling facility in Charlotte’s South End is the next target for redevelopment.

One of Charlotte’s oldest skyscrapers was purchased by a Durham company for $25.3 million.

A new mental health services provider has taken over for this recently closed one in Wilmington.

Duke Energy is opposing claims from NC WARN that they are manipulating the state’s energy market.

After a resignation, the Brunswick Beaches Consortium looks to re-organize themselves.

Wrightsville Beach may modify the town’s height limit.

A hearing on potential incentives to lure back Sanderson Farms to Cumberland County was well attended.

Fayetteville’s troubled Prince Charles Hotel will be re-developed and new construction will be added to the site, by a Durham company.

Wake County’s school board is looking into restoring tenure rights for their teachers.

Wake County has granted funding to a park in Holly Springs and the art museum renovation on N.C. State’s campus.

This is how NCDOT plans on fixing traffic problems of people going and coming to the zoo.

Why there’s a bump in what appears to be a straight border between North Carolina and Virginia.

And finally, talks have began again to re-draw the state legislative  districts without partisan motivations.

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