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News across North Carolina for January 6, 2015

So I hear there’s snow somewhere, courtesy of something the Weather Channel calls Gorgon. Somewhere, that’s not here in North Carolina. (Chicago, Buffalo, DC, Detroit, wrap up tight and get your boots and chains ready). We’ll join you in boots because it’s cold, will be very cold tonight and oh, it’s winter. But secretly, we all know this as North Carolinians:

colorado springs memes 16

On a more serious note, make sure your pets, plants and anything else that can’t handle temperatures in the teens is in a nice warm place. And let’s warm up with some news from across the state shall we?

News Across North Carolina for January 6, 2015

Come support my friends at Greensboro’s Interactive Resource Center by building a blanket fort on Sunday! Unfortunately I’ll be doing this and covering this, but you can do that if you live here and then I’ll do what I was doing in the first this for you.

This former Rockingham County commissioner has died. The current Rockingham commissioners will not ask their troubled colleague to resign.

Greensboro’s controversial Friendly Ave. and Hobbs Road corridor may get rezoned after all. This is the site forever tied to Trader Joes. Here are my ideas for where they could go instead.

The Durham City Council rejected stricter restrictions on guns proposed by the Durham County Sheriff.

We are still a hot state for relocating to. Thanks for coming peeps. I hope you bring good tidings and joy.

He may not be going to Congress, but Phil Berger, Jr. is going to be an administrative court judge for the state.

A public meeting will be held for High Point residents to evalualte improvements on some sidewalks. Meanwhile, several sidewalk projects demanded by neighborhoods have been scrapped by the Durham City Council.

Greensboro’s Union Square Building One may or may not be built where it’s currently approved. It will be up to the Greensboro City Council to decide, since it’s on city property.

The city is also soon to decide who will construct the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center.

The governor claims he doesn’t have what he needs to attract big companies to the state.

Winston-Salem’s newest Walmart opens tomorrow.

Winston-Salem hopes to start working on Merschel Plaza, a lapsed downtown development of their own.

Things are turning around at this once troubled Western North Carolina zoo.

Buncombe County leaders hope new animal control restrictions will help the county’s dogs and horses live more humanely.

The Charlotte Observer could sell their uptown Charlotte building.

An initiative to end chronic homelessness in Charlotte within two years has started.

The City of Charlotte wants the two banks that are servicing the loans the city took out for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, to forgive them.

More emails have surfaced showing tensions within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools administration.

A Durham County Commissioner suggests that parents should pay fees for their students to attend two of the county’s magnet schools.

The Pender County commissioners have voted to add “In God We Trust” to their chamber walls.

A profile of outgoing Congressman Mike McIntyre. And this is his successor, who will be sworn in soon.

What the Harrnett, Columbus, Robeson and Town of Hope Mills Commissioners discussed last night.

And Lee County has passed a resolution opposing the disposal of coal ash in their county.

And finally, the state’s new chief justice was sworn in yesterday in Raleigh.


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