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News Across North Carolina for March 16, 2015

Happy Monday! March Madness is on. If you really didn’t pay attention to my official bio(scroll down to About Kristen and read the last line), you may miss that I really care about college basketball. Men’s ball a bit more than the ladies, but I will say that the ladies basketball is nothing to sleep on either. And yes, my Wolfpack made it. Anyway, there’s still news to share (and you can still do my reader’s survey):

News Across North Carolina for March 16, 2015

A good summary of all the bills currently in the General Assembly that seek to take state control of local government matters.

If these Elon University researchers have their way, we may not be talking as many things out of  our bags at the airport.

Greensboro’s new police chief insists that he will work to develop relationships with the community.

Public records requests are fulfilled at the state level, but not without payment or speed with some requests.

This state park is having issues with the odor of a chicken farm.

The City of Winston-Salem could receive a grant to provide hydroponic job-training.

Local governments are arguing that posting public announcements that would normally go into newspapers on their websites is sufficient public notice for those activities.

Meanwhile also at the General Assembly: a Senate bill to redistribute sales tax revenue and this state senator takes the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to task.

The latest on Winston-Salem’s street busking (performing) regulations.

Concerns rising about several closed door meetings of Western North Carolina local governments.

Wilmington’s Irish history.

The Green Fields Initiative seeks to preserve farmland in three counties in the Sandhills region.

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