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News Across North Carolina for March 18, 2015

I hope all your brackets are shiny and ready. Here’s one of mine if you need help making one. In the meantime, here’s today’s news. (And thanks to those who’ve done the reader’s survey).

News Across North Carolina for March 18, 2015


Here’s another chance to make your voice heard about the proposed Triangle Transit light rail.

Enjoyed being in the building yesterday for this episode of The State of Things, on which the state bills threatening to change the structures of several local bodies of government were discussed.

Now that Hofmann Forest won’t be completely sold, what will actually happen on the land.

The new economic development arm of the state is leaning on its private features, especially when it comes to public records requests about the activities of the organization.

Residents, developers and other interested parties sounded off about the potential for offshore drilling in the Atlantic Outer-Continental Shelf.

Today at the General Assembly: a Senate bill to allow those who have recovered from certain mental illnesses to own a gun, a Senate committee debate on just how much to put in the job incentive fund, a call to study the impacts of growing communities along the Cape Fear river on the amount of water in the river, and a House bill that hopes to ease regulations for businesses to use solar power, and a bill to ease high electric bills in 29 cities and towns, due to loans taken out by the public run utilities to build more power plants.

The readjusted annual unemployment numbers for the state have lowered the unemployment rate for 2014.

Who saw the Northern Lights last night?

How alternative energy initiatives are strengthening Western North Carolina.

This road in Mecklenburg County will now be spelled in a “historically-accurate” way.

The City of Charlotte is facing a budget shortfallSo is the Durham Public Schools.

More issues with wrongdoing at the the State Employees Association of North Carolina.

Raleigh is taking steps to bring bikeshare to the city by 2017.

And finally, current Transportation Secretary, former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx gets The Onion special treatment.

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