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News across North Carolina for March 2, 2015

Happy March! I think it’s coming in like a lion, but that’s just me. One thing I’m bring in March with is our first annual reader’s survey.

Some of you come here from my Facebook or Twitter. Some of you also read The Black Urbanist (which I promise is coming back soon). You are made of many shapes and colors and you’re interested in what’s going on in North Carolina.

I know that in my head, but I want to make the record official. Also, I plan on bringing ads, more explainers and some other paid services and objects to this space this year. I want to make sure that’s what you want and will support too. So take a moment and fill the survey out. I’ll have a link to it up for the entire month of March. (Also, unless you want  to advertise on the site, all answers are annoymous).

And with that, here’s your first batch of North Carolina news for March.

News Across North Carolina for March 2, 2015

The Renaissance Community Co-op in Greensboro is asking for both the Greensboro city council and the Guilford County Commissioners to lend funding to open the store this year.

Another new park in Downtown Winston-Salem, transformed from an old parking lot.

The decision to close the three UNC system research centers, as the decision is being made and protested.

Decriminalization of marijuana is making progress in the General Assembly, having made it through its first committee.

North Carolina is still known as a good roads state.

Overcrowding is an issue again with Guilford County Schools

Economic development at the state level is boiling down to the RTP and Charlotte regions versus the rest of the state.

Students at the potentially contaminated schools in Winston-Salem will start school at new locations on Monday. More on these schools and their issues directly from the Winston-Salem-Forsyth School System website.

A new mobile app will be available for select people across the state to help get the proper mental health coverage they need.

Experts have listed Western North Carolina as abnormally dry.

Law professors analyze the merits of the recent religious freedom law. Meanwhile, more debate is expected tonight at the Charlotte City Council meeting on Charlotte’s LGBT provisions law.

People on United Healthcare insurance have lost coverage for procedures done at this major Charlotte healthcare provider.

Remember all those things that that one lawmaker did on his snow day? A think tank has added up the costs of all those changes he made.

Downtown Raleigh’s first church built from scratch in 50 years is under construction.

These N.C.-based entrepreneurs, are developing a year-round, aquaponic, farming solution.

And finally, just in case you were curious, this is how much a year at Duke costs these days.

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