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News Across North Carolina for March 3, 2015

Happy Tuesday folks! Hopefully you got out and enjoyed our unseasonably warm weather. The weather’s supposed to zig zag up and down this week, so enjoy that.

Also, if you’ve not had a chance to fill out the reader survey, pause and do that, then get on to the news:

News Across North Carolina for March 3, 2015

How much teachers are getting paid these days at Guilford County Schools.

Get a cup of coffee for this one, there’s a lot of great nuggets about demographics in North Carolina and across the nation in this report from the Center for American Progress.

If you need to use this exit on Business 85 near Lexington, it will be closed. Here’s more info about that, plus a detour, from the state DOT.

These two UNC system schools, yes,the ones you probably always think about when I say that, have been named by USA Today as one of the top-ten colleges that provide the best value for in-state students.

The redistricting bill in the N.C. House for the Greensboro City Council (SB36) will be heard in the house chamber on Thursday morning.

More on the Greensboro Medicare transportation services provider, whose assets have been seized and operations shut down.

Winston-Salem has postponed action on a rezoning that would keep online sweepstakes business out of certain areas.

Some new bridges that are planned for Business I-40 in Winston-Salem will be constructed as art installations.

Some Western North Carolina school systems are extending the school day, instead of adding days to the calendar.

All you need to know about Charlotte’s debate on adding provisions to their civic non-discrimination ordinance.

The governor has sent his latest education plan to the Legislative Building, which promises a $35,000 starting salary for teachers.

This is the only North Carolina Democrat in Congress who will be attending the speech of the Israeli prime minister today.

Kure Beach is considering an ordinance that would require vacation renters to fill out an application with the town and would restrict and charge for several activities that are now allowed and free.

This cell phone tower will not be built in New Hanover County.

Cumberland County has a new assistant county manager.

This historic intercity bus depot in Raleigh will be demolished, after the owners were unable to sell the space to a nonprofit.

Parts of a rule-making lawsuit filed by the State Board of Education, have been dismissed.

And finally, video of what parts of North Carolina looked like in the Great Depression.

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