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News Across North Carolina for March 9, 2015

Hopefully everyone’s clocks have reset to the new time. I really enjoyed having some extra sunshine in the evening yesterday. Didn’t go out yesterday, but I heard that it felt spring-like too. In the meantime, don’t forget to drop your thoughts into my reader’s survey. Thanks again for all of you who have responded. And now, here’s your news for Monday:

News Across North Carolina for March 9, 2015

The News & Record’s Sunday feature on the proposed Northeast Greensboro co-op grocery, this time focusing on how people struggle to get and afford groceries in the surrounding community.

The ACC mens and women’s basketball tournaments are the biggest thing going on on here in Greensboro. at the moment. But the men’s tournament won’t be back after this year until 2020.

More insight on how the manufacturing megasite on the border of Guilford and Randolph Counties was selected. How the state is working to make attracting an automobile manufacturer to the site or a similar one somewhere else in the state easier.

More thoughts on a key gubernatorial budget piece, the lack of uniform raises for state workers.

Coming soon to TV, a Winston-Salem focused episode of the Science Channel’s How It’s Made.

This Winston-Salem woman has over 40 patents.

New regulations from the EPA on wood stove construction has many manufacturers on edge, including this one in Western North Carolina.

The hotel in Charlotte that added a special surcharge to bills of patrons of the CIAA men’s basketball tournament, has apologized for charging the fees.

There are apartments renting for $7,000 in uptown Charlotte.

Get to know your new state Poet Laureate, Shelby Stephenson.

The impact of tax law changes on regular North Carolina citizens.

This Wake County public high school, a beneficiary of a Gates Foundation effort to create smaller schools on the same campus.

As federal funds are reduced, Orange County is looking for new solutions to provide affordable housing for its citizens.

And finally, just for fun, things you won’t hear spoken around Charlotte.

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