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The Weekly Altweekly for May 14-May 20, 2014

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Welcome again to our Thursday feature of the relevant news from our state’s altweekly papers. Often, it’s the alt weeklies where the real stories on local government leaders, new land development deals, citizen activism and new local laws affecting transportation and planning have their place. There’s also more arts and culture coverage too. Check out this post for an explanation of the beat and the tone of each paper listed. Just like our normal daily news, we will go by region, but several have different papers and those papers sound very different. I’ll initial beside each story in this roundup, so you won’t get too confused.

In the Piedmont (Triad, Triangle and Charlotte)

High Point’s struggles with new urbanism in all it’s forms. (TCB)

Can we save the trees and our power lines? (TCB)

Is there any hope for the Cascade Saloon building? (TCB)

More on the International Bluegrass Music Association’s decision to stay in Raleigh 3 more years. (TCB)

Meanwhile, the festival that started the downtown renaissance in Raleigh, Artsplosure, is 35 and adapting to a Raleigh that doesn’t need it anymore.

In Western North Carolina

Three Western North Carolina environmental and local government organizations are merging. (MX)

In Eastern North Carolina

A nice essay on what it means to create utopia in these modern times. (Encore)


More on the governor’s education initiative.

Moral Monday’s protesters bring pots and pans to their first day of short session protest.


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