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The Weekly Altweekly for May 7-13, 2014

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Welcome again to our Thursday feature of the relevant news from our state’s alt weekly papers. Often, it’s the alt weeklies where the real stories on local government leaders, new land development deals, citizen activism and new local laws affecting transportation and planning have their place. There’s also more arts and culture coverage too. Check out this post for an explanation of the beat and the tone of each paper listed. Just like our normal daily news, we will go by region, but several have different papers and those papers sound very different. I’ll initial beside each story in this roundup, so you won’t get too confused.

In the Piedmont (Triad, Triangle and Charlotte)

Could Greensboro support another music venue like the former Flying Anvil? Has it already arrived? (TCB)

Taco truck wars in Greensboro. (TCB)

The state Ag Commissioner doesn’t want the old prison farm to become Project Haystack. (Rhino)

The National Folk Festival will need more sponsors, but could put itself back on the map with a success in Greensboro. (Rhino)

What we should expect when the General Assembly kicks back into session. (Indy)

What the state budget looks like as we go into the next General Assembly session. (Indy)

The General Assembly may gain the power to control all trees. (CL)

Environmental groups have been granted permission by a judge to push Duke Energy to clean up it’s coal ash spills. (CL)

We are pretty much fracked. (CL)

Comparing Selma to Moral Monday. (TCB)

In Western North Carolina

Western NC is beer-ed, with many new breweries opening throughout the state. (MX)

Actual food supply is growing scarcer and less affordable.(MX)

Get to know some Western NC nonprofits. (MX)

In Eastern North Carolina

A new transplant to Wilmington from New Jersey starts blogging and establishes facilities for animal welfare in that region. (Encore)

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