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The Weekly Altweekly for April 30- May 6, 2014

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It’s May Day! Welcome to another month, and also welcome to our Thursday feature of the relevant news from our state’s alt weekly papers. Often, it’s the alt weeklies where the real stories on local government leaders, new land development deals, citizen activism and new local laws affecting transportation and planning have their place. There’s also more arts and culture coverage too. Check out this post for an explanation of the beat and the tone of each paper listed. Just like our normal daily news, we will go by region, but several have different papers and those papers sound very different. I’ll initial beside each story in this roundup, so you won’t get too confused.

In the Triad

How a film festival illustrates the spirit and ethos of Guilford College students toward citizen activism around the environment and left-wing issues. (TCB)

The High Point city manager has announced his retirement earlier than expected, possibly due to being under investigation. (TCB)

The Republican primary battle to be the next sheriff in Forsyth County. (TCB)

Guilford County DSS employees speak out. (RT)

Residents of Greensboro subdivision Adams Farm do not want the city to lead in taxation rates. (RT)

The Guilford County manager is not happy with what’s going on at the county animal shelter. (RT)

The Guilford County budget may get a boost through contracting with Forsyth County to house their juvenile delinquents. (RT)

The latest on the Guilford County School board budget. (RT)

According to the zoning commission, but not to the city ordinance itself, a tinted window billboard at a plumbing supply store is not a violation of the city’s sign ordinance. (RT)

State Rep Marcus Brandon pays a $5,000 fine to reconcile issues with his state campaign finance reports. (Y!W)

How the deal between Boston’s House of Jazz and stakeholders in the new performing arts center went down. (Y!W)

In the Triangle

Who has the most money in the Durham school board race. (Indy)

The first annual Bull City Sculpture show raises the platform for public art in Durham. (Indy)

People aren’t really voting early in the Triangle. (Indy)

In the Charlotte Area

The best and worst of the new Charlotte Knights baseball stadium. (CL)

An anti-GMO march is scheduled for May 24 in Marshall Park. (CL)

In Asheville and Western North Carolina

What the Western North Carolina Diversity Engagement Coalition is all about. (MX)

Asheville leaders meet with the public to discuss this year’s Strategic Operations Plan.(MX)

The founders of Earth Fare will soon open their latest environmentally focused and sustainably-operated business, a cafe. (MX)


How the fight to maintain historic tax credits may defy the current pattern of governance between the General Assembly and the governor. (TCB)

The continuing coal ash story. (Indy)

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