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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 1, 2014

August! Pretty soon those dogwoods will drop their leaves and it will be bonfire time. Ok, it’s really just one more month of hot, but still, I’m excited. Tonight all across North Carolina, communities will be putting on their best clothes in their downtown areas for First Friday. At press time it’s pouring down rain here at Greensboro HQ but someone’s gallery will be open. Anyway, here’s your news. (And don’t forget, let us know what email list (morning, noon or night) you want to be on. We will start the new lists within the next two weeks.

News Across North Carolina for August 1, 2014

First of all, by 2060, Raleigh to Atlanta (and we honestly believe DC and Richmond too) could be one connected urban blob. Different jurisdictions, but all connected. Oh, and there will be a lot of insects too.

As we wind down the state budget negotiations, the News and Record has a handy primer on what the budget would mean for the Triad area. Also, how it would affect hospital and childcare subsidies.

A town council member in Clemmons is questioning why the town’s website is being updated the way it is.

Asheville is getting a monument with replicas of documents with major significance to America.

Speaking of historical things, historical tax credits have been saved in the state budget. So have film incentives.

Another piece of Fayetteville’s Outer Loop expressway will open soon.

DENR, the state environmental agency, has questioned a new EPA mandate.

Some transportation-related items in the state budget.

And exactly how the teacher raises will be funded.

Meanwhile, this is how Triad-area government official salaries break down.

And finally, if you couldn’t get enough of troubled former hotels, check out the stories at Raleigh’s the Velvet Cloak Inn and Durham’s Jack Tar Motel. Plus, an overview of the impact of both properties in the Triangle, along with other new developments around the properties.

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