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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 12, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 12, 2015


Wow! Is it really hump day already? I guess it is! I am excited to lead off today’s round up with some news of my own, a personal essay on my thoughts after six weeks in Kansas City, published in the Triad City Beat, Greensboro’s third active alt weekly, which just celebrated a year and a half in circulation throughout the Triad. You can check out the new story here and also look back at other times I’ve been featured in this publication.

But enough news about me, here’s more news from across the state:

Also in Triad City Beat this week: How Winston-Salem is using some funding of their own to develop its downtown in lieu of the loss of state historic tax credits and the recent estate sale at the home of the late Dr. Maya Angelou.

The Washington Post‘s latest take on the significance of the federal voting rights trial happening now in Winston-Salem.

The General Assembly keeps patching up the old budget and debating over the new one. We were supposed to have a new one on August 1st.

Sometimes I wear my Kanssouri shirt, made by the local outfit Normal Human. But I got that idea to buy it from all the I <3 Greensboro apparel made by these guys, who are working on bringing signature denim back to Greensboro.

This Raleigh-area startup is simple, helping people find the right folks for home improvements.

The Guilford Country School Board is ramping up its efforts to ensure Say Yes to Education, a county-wide scholarship program that will make sure no student has to take out loans on top of additional grants and scholarships as long as they are Guilford County Schools students in good standing, will happen.

Ninety-four of the state’s 100 counties saw an increase in tourism spending this past year.

There will be changes coming to AirBnB and other vacation rentals in Asheville soon.

Several Charlotte City Council candidates have expressed their support for various LGBT-related issues on their platforms.

The bill to require Uber and other ridesharing companies to carry insurance for both themselves and passengers has passed through an N.C. House committee. Uber already does this nationwide.

Hear it from the Wilmington Star-News readers themselves: what kind of grocery stores do they want, besides Publix.

Chris Rey (who I’ve met and seems to be a cool guy), currently mayor of the town of Spring Lake down east, may run for U.S. Senate.

Fayetteville leaders are taking additional steps to building a downtown minor-league baseball stadium.

Next year we (as in those of you who can still vote in NC) could  vote on a referendum to limit government spending, thanks to a bill just passed  through the NC Senate. The House has to look at the bill though and so far, they don’t want to deal with it.

And finally, more clues from the Lost Colony.

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