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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 13, 2014

So here at Placebook, you may have noticed that we tend to stay clear of the huge stories, the ones that everyone is already tweeting or Facebooking about. The ones that take over cable news channels and lead on the ten or eleven ‘o clock news. Not that we don’t think those are important, but we know you probably have seen enough of those. You’ve probably tweeted your tributes, your outrage or in some better cases, your joy.

Here, we try to keep you informed with the nuts and bolts news, the kind that would sneak up on you because it’s not getting a ton of publicity, but it affects you nonetheless. We do make exceptions. If the Ferguson shooting was here, we would cover that. A famous actor actually died in Greensboro over the weekend. However, we try to keep this to the local and state government issues, the planning and development issues, the environmental and economic issues, that hit you at the breakfast table, sitting at the office or waiting for a while at the bus stop. And yes, we consider Congress a national issue. We may revisit including Senate and House races in our roundup at a later date.

But for now, this cute, nationally known picture of a bus stop(because we could all use a little happy right now), and then your news like we like to send.


News Across North Carolina for August 13, 2014

How our unemployment benefit changes stack up against other southern states.

Natty Greene’s is looking for even more space to produce their bottled brews.

Some Guilford County Schools teachers are just learning how much they will be paid this year.

More on the redevelopment around Greensboro’s Revolution Mill.

Guilford County Schools is also revisiting its current uniform policy, which some parents say isn’t working the way it was intended.

Davie County Commissioners will hold a hearing to discuss sewer and wastewater options for the eastern part of the county.

Developers are seeking a property re-zoning to bring a Hobby Lobby and a Residence Inn to the popular Hanes Mall area in Winston-Salem.

A re-zoning was granted for a subdivision in nearby Clemmons.

How sports tourism has helped Western Forsyth and Davie Counties.

Ingles, the popular Western North Carolina grocery chain, is expanding in Enka.

Buncombe County Schools students are sharing textbooks thanks to the new state budget.

Asheville’s new Chocolate Lounge is still set for a fall opening.

A Buncombe County Commissioner has opened a county parking lot for after hours parking in downtown Asheville, but is drawing criticism for the decision.

Some Asheville residents are concerned that their pedestrian signals are not working.

Lowes Foods will close two of its Charlotte-area stores.

American Airlines is trying to get out of paying North Carolina’s fuel sales tax.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are bringing in a University of Virginia program to help turn around some of its struggling schools.

Pinehurst has a deer problem and the village council has voted to study it.

How the state budget cuts will affect Cumberland County Schools.

A Native American education reformer hopes his method that worked in California will work in predominately Native schools in Robeson County.

Wilmington-area officials are monitoring this year’s mosquito population, which is the source of fatal disease outbreaks.

Some Wilmington residents are questioning the use of force by their police.

Michael Lee has been chosen to serve out the remainder of former state senator Goolsby’s term.

Carolina Beach officials have approved the contract for the revamp of their boardwalk.

A speed-limit proposal raised by a Burgaw resident has many, including leaders, questioning why its so important.

Oak Island will create a comprehensive housing code.

A new Raleigh community will have names honoring historic and symbolic figures, instead of allusions to magicians and magic tricks.

A Wake Tech program is helping former foster kids receive degrees.

Thanks to a US Supreme Court ruling, more Moral Monday court cases have been dismissed.

Traffic on I-440 has been shifted to the inside lanes, as the work continues to repair damage on the popular Raleigh road.

And finally, more on the troubles faced by North Carolina’s wild horses on the Outer Banks.

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