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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 14, 2014

At Placebook, we are major music fans. Should that surprise you, considering the rich musical history and traditions that North Carolina has? I mean come on, you might have had Carolina on Your Mind before, but do remember so did Coltrane, Nina, Roberta and of course in later days J. Cole , the Avetts and 9th Wonder.  Say you need a playlist to get started. Check out some of the sounds of the state with this playlist that Kristen has lovingly curated on Spotify. And maybe you can share it with some of the folks who have made Jay-Z the most played artist in the state. Anyway…your news.

News Across North Carolina for August 14, 2014

Longtime Greensboro politician and activist Dr. Alma Adams reflects on her career as she looks to potentially move to the US House of Representatives this fall.

It’s Wyndham golf tournament week in Greensboro.

The Guilford County Commissioners may also restrict smoking on county properties there too.

The state DOT is now looking into Raleigh’s plans to raise fares on its regular bus routes and not on the downtown circulator, the former used by poorer and more disadvantaged folks and the latter used by more wealthy and advantaged.

More people are home-schooling statewide.

The state has asked Duke Energy again for ash removal plans.

Speaking of which, the governor has mistated his earnings and sold some of his Duke Energy stock after the Dan River spill.

The state senate does have adjournment on their mind, meeting today to set a date for that purpose.

The high levels of bacteria in the Topsail sound were caused by the recent rains.

More on the aftermath of no state film incentives.

The town of Carthage hopes their new murals spur tourism.

A new housing development has been approved in Southern Pines.

You can now search this database for the salaries of Charlotte area government officials.

Over 12,000 people could lose their health insurance statewide if they don’t produce proper immigration papers.

The 4th Circuit Court ruling on same-sex marriage may allow for these marriages in North Carolina as soon as next Wednesday.

The legacy of Art Pope as state budget director.

The town of Pittsboro has been sued over the new Chatham Park development.

How our friend Matt Tomasulo has created a tactical urbanism empire in Raleigh.

The latest on Greensboro’s Union Square downtown project.

Winston-Salem folks are concerned about conditions at Hanes Park.

Greensboro’s econ dev commission is on hold.

What a railway district in High Point could look like.

And finally, we think that more people probably remember Floyd than this map shows, but this is supposedly a map that shows the most remembered hurricane in a region, thanks to impact.

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