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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 18, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 18, 2015

Mention the name Trader Joe’s in Greensboro and you’ll get all kinds of reactions. It’s something I’ve discussed before actually. A key piece I mentioned in my first paragraph was that Trader Joe’s in Greensboro is coveting one spot, one spot only and a spot that was under review. I also noted that we seem to have this battle every two years.

Well, a few things have changed. Remember when I was posting links about that Hobbes/Friendly lot in Greensboro? This is where it would go. You may also remember that it was finally approved to be a shopping center, after years of negotiations and community battles. The move was framed as a move of progress.

Hence why I’m not surprised to see this article on the Triad Business Journal website, nor hear that this organization is writing that letter. I owe SynerG a debt, as there are some folks who probably wouldn’t read this or know who I am without having met me in that context.

However, It does knock on an inferiority complex of sorts. I’ve even read the article that helped prompt this round of campaigning. I even live in a metro with two, but two so far away, they might as well still be in Winston-Salem. And while Trader Joe’s makes my breakfasts, some of my dinners and every snacktime better for me, I’d much rather spend the time outside of the store, eating other things and saving the gas it still requires me to go to the store. Also, there are other stores, that provide these services and sometimes do it better, many that are local. (As Deep Roots Market in Greensboro grows up, it keeps getting better at these things. The KC Metro is full of locally-owened and operated groceries and has a wonderful downtown grocery concept in the Cosentino’s Market).

Plus, I think it’s sad that not just in Greensboro, but in many towns across America, they’ve allowed themselves to become a measure of political consciousness and also be swayed by the winds of a particular area’s politics. But then again, food is political more times than not and that’s a shame in itself.

But there’s other news folks, from all across the state and I’ve made you wait long enough for it:

The other thing that the Greensboro area is excited about, the appearance of Tiger Woods this week at the Wyndham Championship, the latest edition of the city’s PGA Tournament.

The company under contract to operate the Guilford (and Davidson) County animal shelters no longer has a state license to do so.

A Winston-Salem neighborhood has succeeded in getting a ban on front-yard parking.

The actual recommendations from the Common Core committee.

The state’s next entrepreneurial reality show contestant.

As school opens in Western North Carolina, here are some changes that are expected.

Here’s a forum if you want to meet the candidates in the Asheville City Council race.

The Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commissioners will hold a joint meeting today.

Buncome County continues to break tourism records.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s school board candidates are asked about school assignment priorities. This is what they said.

The Monk’s Island area of Holden Beach could be up for development soon.

Surf City wants its own zip code.

New Hanover County has not changed regulations on group homes, yet.

According to Money magazine, one of the original venues for this kind of list-making, the town of Apex, near Raleigh, is the number one place in America to live.

A nonprofit in Durham, along with its mayor, is asking: what happens when your city becomes too unaffordable to live there?

And finally, the Census Bureau has a few things to say about driving habits in the Triangle.

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