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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 19, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 19, 2015

If I miss anything the most, it’s probably proximity to a good warm beach, with warm sand, warm water and warm, but not too hot air so I don’t feel a chill when I hit the water. Not that I can’t get there at all now, but being within a 4 hour drive of the beach was a luxury you don’t realize until its gone.

So people in North Carolina, enjoy your beach! If you need to take some time and get away from the struggles that will be at your desk on in your community when you get back, do that! If you aren’t in that position right now, set a goal and find a way. Maybe help someone else get there.

On this hump day and despite any news I may list below, let’s remember that we aren’t that far from a place of joy. And your news:

The Greensboro City Council just voted to increase wages, namely the minimum wage and some salaries that had fallen below the market average, for city workers. Meanwhile in Charlotte, wage increases have become a main issue in their mayoral race.

We are closer to a state budget, but one with no provision for state worker raises.

Downtown Greensboro’s first Restaurant Week is this week, here’s what it will offer.

More damaged wells have surfaced near Duke Energy power plants, this time ones that aren’t near coal-ash facilities. The state Department of Environment and Natural Resources has filed a court motion to get control of coal-ash clean up back from the courts, who are currently managing the terms of the clean-up levied on Duke Energy.

More protest graffiti was found on Silent Sam, a Chapel Hill monument to the Civil War.

There may not be a full decision in the federal Voter ID trial for weeks and a settlement in the matter may still be confusing and restricting to voters.

The NC National Guard can now carry concealed weapons on duty and anyone can seek damages for acts deemed terrorism under a new law signed by the governor yesterday.

One of the last remaining Wilmington-based film productions is lobbying the state to restore film incentives.

The Fayetteville Regional Airport now has one of those full body scanners you’ve probably walked through several times at other airports.

Wake County has become the latest county to suspend driver’s education, in the wake of no state funding for the program.

A former Wake County Commissioner is now the General Assembly’s legislative support officer, essentially the chief of staff for the state legislature.

Chatham County has approved a two-year moratorium on fracking.

And finally, a Winston-Salem councilman (and friend of the page), is in the middle of the battle to maintain affordable housing in an area targeted for high-end redevelopment.

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