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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 20, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 20, 2015

As much as I love the mountainous parts of North Carolina, one major landmark eludes me. The one you see above. As we get ready to phase into fall, I’m sure it will be a popular site again, as the trees around it turn colors and then in the winter, it will be one of the few places in the state that will be ringed with snow for Christmas. And one day, I’ll come home and visit it. Today, I’ll just be bringing you the news:

Missed this yesterday, but also positive on the Greensboro front– a new plan that will take a major bite out of the city’s food deserts.

What street life in Raleigh is like after the passing of an ordinance shutting down sidewalk activity, and almost all activity after 1.

Love it or hate it, this building at my alma mater is going away. Find out why and when it’s going away. I still think it could be a museum though.

I wouldn’t call it a flop, but this ad campaign to promote Greensboro isn’t doing so well.

The state Department of Environment and Natural Resources has started a blog.

There are several films that are receiving grants under the state’s new program, including the Wilmington-based TV show Under the Dome.

Governor McCrory signed 12 bills into law yesterday.

The State House declined the State Senate’s version of the Medicare reform law and it will now go to a conference committee to iron out the details.

The latest in the Asheville City Council race.

A visualized version of Asheville’s city budget.

The controversial Charlotte long-range transportation plan has passed, with the I-77 toll lanes in tact.

Wilmington’s mayor has established a task force to move a major freight rail line out of the heart of the city and replace it with a streetcar.

A new probe over money going into political campaigns to protect video sweepstakes operations is coming.

A correction from yesterday, Downtown Greensboro’s Restaurant Week is NEXT week.

And finally, more about that odd candidate who’s polling at 9% against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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