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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 21, 2014

Today is one of our favorite days around HQ. It’s Greensboro’s Third Thursday City Market.


Kristen helped brainstorm this event back in 2013 and now it’s become a big hit with folks throughout the city. She’ll be out taking pictures tonight and will share some in this space tomorrow.

And now, the news:

News Across North Carolina for August 21, 2014

A note on how all of us Triad residents could be better at visiting each others cities and towns.

Meanwhile, the entire state is now struggling to recruit outside businesses.

And thanks to a measure to ban crowd funding for startup businesses, is losing some.

The state is getting it’s first Potbelly Sandwich Shop, in Greensboro, and owned by local franchisees who pledged to make the place have a local feel.

Meanwhile, guerrilla dining, the thing where chefs stage pop up meals at secretish locations, is alive and well in Greensboro too.

And now that we have a new chief justice of the state supreme court, here’s who we’ve appointed to replace him on the bench.

Get ready to dial ten digits when calling people in the Triad and possibly the area code 743.

Burlington has launched a mobile app to report city needs, powered by app startup, Public Stuff.

Meanwhile, anyone who wants to use the new WIC program software in Guilford County has to wait for a few bugs to be worked out.

There are less shows at Winston-Salem’s LJVM Coliseum, even with the Greensboro Coliseum taking over bookings.

Unfortunately, in Guilford County, the summer reading camps held for behind 3rd graders did not help them pass the End of Grade tests for reading.

North Carolina’s mayors will gather to discuss the recent revelations of mass poverty in the state.

Never mind about that western North Carolina mill we talked about yesterday, they will get their state incentives after all.

The oldest bar in Asheville now has young, new owners.

Same-sex marriages in North Carolina are on hold.

Charlotte city leaders are studying a “pay-as-you-throw” option for city trash.

Thanks to a donation, Charlotte cultural and historical field trips are back on for public school students in the area.

The acquisition of land has begun for the Monroe Connector Bypass near Charlotte.

Taxpayers are paying for the Wilmington Crime Lab, instead of the defendants in the cases being processed in the labs, as originally planned by city leaders.

Little Free Libraries are appearing across the Lower Cape Fear Region.

People made their voices heard at yesterday’s public hearing on fracking in Raleigh.

How a community in Durham has redeveloped around the needs of those with special needs.

The NC Supreme Court has allowed Duke Energy’s current rates to stand.

Plans to renovate UNC-Chapel Hill’s “Dean Dome” have been put on hold for now.

Online travel companies are now being charged North Carolina Sales Taxes.

And finally, the General Assembly has officially adjourned.


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