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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 22, 2014

It’s Friday folks! We had a blast last night at Greensboro’s City Market. As Kristen will tell you, it’s really about seeing old friends and also what’s unique and cool about each individual market. Each market has a theme and last night’s theme was cycles. How did that play out? First and foremost there were several bike themed booths last night, including this one, the Bicycling in Greensboro booth, our local bike advocacy organization. IMG_2214

And there were these cute kids playing with an over sized Connect Four game. IMG_2215

And there were games for adults too, here’s Kristen chalking what she thought is a significant revolution of the world, asked in the spirit of cycles and movements by the fine folks at Elsewhere.


And finally, this was actually on the way in, on the corner of Elm and McGee, just a block down the street, to make sure folks didn’t miss out on the fun. IMG_2208

Anyway, as we are at the weekend, we are sure you’ll find yourself some fun of your own. Now the news.

News Across North Carolina for August 22, 2014

A recent video of an altercation between Greensboro Police and a potential suspect/arrestee have several area pastors and leaders calling for a stronger police review board.

Meanwhile, Winston-Salem credits its diverse police force for better community relations.

The Guilford County Commissioners voted last night to fund two programs geared at juvenile offenders.

These programs were added in a late budget request though which irritated some commissioners. The county commissioners also funded the Greensboro Partnership, the umbrella organization for business, entrepreneurship and economic development in Greensboro, for this year.

However, they noted that they felt the partnership should continue to refocus and simplify itself as it seeks a new leader.

A vet supply company is moving a warehouse to Northeast Greensboro, and bringing jobs with them.

Greensboro’s 17 newest firefighters will graduate from their academy today.

Businesses surrounding the troubled condo complex in Greensboro are upset about the negative media coverage, claiming it’s affected perceptions of their businesses.

Uber has arrived in Asheville.

Also, it’s been warmer than usual this year in Asheville.

Asheville residents feel like there has been poor communication between them and the EPA over issues surrounding their CTS superfund site.

The new toll lanes on I-77 in Charlotte are all set for construction to start on them next year.

Carowinds, the amusement park on the NC/SC border will be getting one of the world’s tallest and fastest roller coasters.

The Charlotte City Council will suggest improvements to the Time Warner Cable Arena, which is approaching its 10th birthday.

Seven lawsuits have been filed against a hog-farming operation affiliated with Smithfield Farms.

Fort Bragg probably will not see a major troop reduction, as previously reported.

The State has levied a fine against a health care facility for people with dementia, after a patient was found outside the faciliy unattended.

The road to the 1 millionth Wake County resident, expected to either be born or move in today.

And finally, private school vouchers in North Carolina were ruled unconstitutional. The state will appeal this decision.

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