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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 24, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 24, 2015

Happy Monday folks! I have been told that there is a place here in Kansas City that puts slaw on hot dogs. In fact, the place also sells a burger that it calls the Carolinas burger, with slaw and chili on it as well. I will be investigating this place, called The Brick, in due time. If you come visit me here, maybe that’s one place we can go. In the meantime, I lead off with a photo today of Stamey’s Barbecue, taken at it’s Gate City Boulevard location across from the Greensboro Coliseum, where there’s always slaw on hot dogs, and the perfect place to chat, as my dad and I would for many years.

And now, your news:

We aren’t the biggest state, but we aren’t the smallest (in population) either. This cool map shows you that.

Guilford County’s Animal Shelter has re-opened.

What Wyndham weekend is like in Greensboro, even if Tiger Woods doesn’t come to play. And yes, he said he liked it and would come back to play in the future.

Another challenge to the state’s voter ID law will be heard this week in a state court.

This was suspected, but now their’s email evidence that conservative lawmakers and leaders cheered the recent firing of UNC System President Tom Ross.

The towns of Enka and Candler near Asheville are pushing for a new greenway network and toughing its economic development benefits.

A remembrance of one of Asheville’s original mom and pop stores.

Today is the first day of school for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and the Wake County SchoolsSchools are opening in New Hanover as well. All of the state school systems will open without a firm budget. A group supporting teacher assistants held a rally at the General Assembly to ask for more money in the budget for them.

The Cherry neighborhood in Charlotte is getting more affordable housing.

And finally, Winston-Salem, you are the city that everyone should go to this week!

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