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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 25, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for August 25, 2015

Tuesday. Day Two of the workweek. Day two of news from me this week:

Hey, we should be excited that this show is set in Durham, even if it’s not filmed there, right?

Belk has been sold to a private equity firm. So far, other than one family member leaving the company, they’ve promised no changes. Meanwhile, Greensboro’s Renaissance Community Co-Op has a general manager now, but is still short of the funds it needs to open. They are still planning for a soft-opening in April of next year though.

The largest number of people commute each day between these two North Carolina counties. Having done this commute before (although its been several years) I think this should surprise no one.

Several people showed up to a forum in Winston-Salem last night to push to save a set of apartments that rent at under the market-rate.

A state court is set to issue a ruling in a Map Act case involving several landowners in the path of a proposed beltway in Winston-Salem. The Map Act, a state law, requires a three-year moratorium on building permits on lands designated by the state as areas for potential eminent domain. The issue in this case is that these lands have been on maps for longer than three years, have not been built on by the state except for one case and don’t allow landowners to sell at market-value if they no longer want the land.

The  Asheville Citizen-Times asks if the state should regulate health care options.

A new Asheville busker law has been halted, after several frequent buskers have noted issues with the law.

In the Buncombe County Commissioner race, a man who would be the first Black man elected to the body, ever and a known food and housing justice advocate.

Still no state budget, and the General Assembly wants even more time with it.

The Halifax county commissioners have been sued by parents and others who allege the school districts that have been drawn are discriminatory.  Meanwhile, hundreds attended a forum in Charlotte on a similar issue with its school districts.

According to Duke Energy, the recent findings of contaminated groundwater around its operations are not reaching wells of homeowners.

A member of the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization wants the state to change the name of a proposed highway bypass, because he feels the name is keeping the highway from getting the support it needs to get built.

The Fayetteville City Council has delayed a decision on a proposed homeless shelter.

Hyde County officials are closer to getting a industrial site developed, if they could only remove the abandoned boats sitting on it.

The Governor has thanked teachers for their service, as many received students back in their classrooms yesterday.

And finally, the draft environmental impact statement, which details where rail infrastructure will actually go, among other things, for the Durham-Chapel Hill light rail line, is now complete.

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