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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 26, 2014

It’s Tuesday folks! We really enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful first-day-of-school pictures. We hope day two is just as awesome as day one. And teachers, haven’t forgotten you either. Here’s how a few of your colleagues faired yesterday. And here’s more news for your Tuesday:

News Across North Carolina for August 26, 2014

The dates have been set for the National Folk Festival, to be held in Greensboro.

Greensboro’s outgoing police chief, in his own words.

Several Greensboro leaders met yesterday to discuss a different strategy for homeless relief, one that puts the emphasis on housing first, services later.

City officials also are weighting the options of what to do with the Heritage House building, now that the city has closed it.

Richard Dietz, of Winston-Salem, has been appointed by the governor to the Court of Appeals.

The $7.8 million house in Raleigh.

A choice by the Forsyth County Board of Elections to use a certain site for early voting will result in a popular festival being cancelled.

Several more people spoke out against fracking at a public hearing in Rockingham County yesterday.

How Forsyth County DSS’s interim director is fairing.

The governor will sign the coal ash clean-up bill, but may sue the state because he believes the concept of the legislature appointing the coal ash commission is against the Constitution.

In case you forgot that North Carolina has fault lines under it too, there was a minor quake yesterday in the Boone-Blowing Rock area.

Flywheel, the new Winston-Salem co-working space, will have its grand opening on September 4th.

How this most recent legislative session, sets its members up for election season.

Charlotte has designated $35.5 million  to revamp and maintain the Time Warner Cable Arena.

After months of complaints, Charlotte leaders have chosen a new recycling provider.

This painting of Minnie Mouse in Statesville on the side of a building will be painted over.

Civil rights concerns are being raised over the NC DMV’s process of determining whether people with physical disabilities can still drive safely.

Even though coastal wind farms have been approved by the federal government, there’s no timeline for them to be installed and operated.

The Wilmington Housing Authority has opened their waitlist again and processing a high number of requests.

If you try to remove a Venus’ flytrap (which we learned earlier in the year is one of our state symbols), you may be facing more and stronger consequences.

There’s a major archeological dig going on in the president of the UNC System’s driveway, after evidence was found of an older president’s house, where US presidents dined and other historical things happened. The house was destroyed by fire and its exact location had been lost over the years.

The battle over whether or not a modernist house in Raleigh can continue to be built (and even stay standing) in its neighborhood has moved to the courtroom.

No trouble out of Wake County’s school bus routes this year.

However, some Wilmington area middle school parents are concerned about the placement of their children in classes where students have multiple skill levels.

The historic Rhodes Pond in Godwin, could be repaired and refilled by next summer. It has been drained for the last 14 months.

Fayetteville and Cumberland County officials voted to settle with two employees of the area minor-league baseball team who were severely burned in a cooking accident. The article features other business of the two governing bodies as well.

And finally, how the border between North Carolina and South Carolina was fixed.

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