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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 4, 2014

Happy Monday Placebookers! We have a budget in North Carolina! Not a perfect budget, but a budget nonetheless. Cue all the effects good and bad of this decision. The GA will be around in a shadow session, thanks to an impasse on coal ash. In other words, this session may never end. The News and Record has the cutest cartoon describing exactly what (thus far) happened in this session. And with that on to the rest of the news:

News Across North Carolina for August 4, 2014

In an effort to keep tuition down for all students, the UNC System board voted to cap the amount of tuition that can go to financial aid.

Some Greensboro bikers trained with GPD’s bike patrol.

If you are down east, please do mind the black bears.

Person County is the coal ash capital of the state. There are 1.2 million pounds of coal ash per person, for a total of 23.3 million tons total.

The lottery has now launched a campaign to get more young people to play the lottery.

High Point is also getting a reputation for issues with building inspections and permits.

The efforts by the Research Triangle universities to establish a broader broadband network were just profiled in City Lab.

Traffic calming has returned to Asheville.

An Ashevillian explains her city to a taxi driver in a presumably northern city that is either Philly or DC.

Charlotte will allow Lyft and Uber as long as they pass city mandated background checks. Cab companies are mad anyway.

Fayetteville will look at pay discrepancies between their police and firefighters.

According to a quarterly economic barometer released by UNC Wilmington, retail spending is back.

Durham Tech honors grads will be able to continue their studies at UNC Greensboro and earn an honors designation upon completion of their bachelors degrees there.

And finally, the latest in the Possum Drop court case.

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