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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 6, 2014

So thanks to that lovely camel, we all know what day it is today. In case you’ve managed to never see him in action, it’s hump day. We will see 90 here (well, at least at HQ) for the first time in a few weeks. We are ready though. Yesterday we sat on our favorite bench at Center City Park and even though it was already hot, it was calm, peaceful and shaded. We say this to tell all of you friends to find a nice shaded bench today, preferably in a nice city park.  A view from our bench, then today’s news:


News Across North Carolina for August 6, 2014


10:30 EST Edit for the Night Owls:

There will be a new budget director in North Carolina.

Our governor reflects on his life growing up in Jamestown, NC.

He also wants to know more about the children who are crossing the US border who are being settled in North Carolina.

Raleigh’s Capital Area Transit will be introducing smarter fare cards. The current central bus station in Raleigh will also be getting a few upgrades.

NC Supreme Court candidate Robin Hudson vows to stay positive in her campaign.

The details on the Rockingham County fracking plans.

Some photos from Greensboro’s National Night Out celebration.

Several folks displaced from Greensboro’s troubled Heritage House condo complex, may have to leave Greensboro for new permanent housing.

Fellow Greensboro urbanist David Wharton asks a very valid question about the new Bellemeade Village development: Will it actually be a village?

Winston-Salem’s city council just approved several bond referenda, totaling $139.2 million, for potential  projects in various parts of the city. Voters will decide how much they want to support in November.

What Guilford County’s commissioners will be up to at their next meeting on Thursday.

High Point’s International Market Centers may be launching an IPO.

Meet High Point’s guerrilla gardeners on bikes.

Hillsborough’s historic Colonial Inn may be demolished, pending a meeting of the Hillsborough Historic Commission to decide to proceed.

I’m sure we’ll be posting a version of this story again, but here’s the Wake County version, they are 12 million dollars short for schools thanks to the cuts in the state budget. Oh wait, here’s the Charlotte version right here. And the Forsyth County one too.

Oh and the environment didn’t fare so well at the General Assembly this year either.

The town of St. James struggled to work the fancy (read: microphones and even the lights) in its council chamber, in its first meeting since the resignation of their town clerk.

Wilmington is planning its parties to celebrate it’s 275th birthday.

The Wilmington City Council also approved a request for a Muslim worship center.

Thanks to the rain and cloudy weather, we have a lot of mushrooms this year.

A 200 foot tower may be coming to Charlotte’s South Park. Its Dillworth neighborhood may be getting a new hotel.

Sustain Charlotte has released its first sustainability report card for the Charlotte region.

The Asheville Whole Foods will open on August 26.

Also opening in Asheville, a new charter school.

Buncome County wants to sell off some of its land.

We also have some toxic algae in the Cape Fear River.

And finally, the man who caught the most recent state record fish, has done it again and broken his own record.

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