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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for December 22, 2014

Hey everyone! Just so you know, last night was the winter solstice, meaning that one, it’s winter officially and two, it’s going to start getting dark later again. Joy! Now, your daily dose of North Carolina news:

News Across North Carolina for December 22, 2014

The state will not allow insurance companies to raise their homeowner’s insurance rates. The companies wanted to raise rates as much as 26%.

The state Supreme Court has upheld our current federal and state legislative district maps.

Greensboro’s emergency winter shelters have limited the number of days people can stay at them.

A few of the happenings around Greensboro and Asheville, in regards to local government and other civic concerns.

The governor will announce in the new year the funding mechanisms behind his new transportation plan.

Also, meet the governor’s new chief of staff.

Appalachian State University has been listed in Kiplinger’s best value category, for schools under $30,000 a year in tuition. Wake Forest University was voted best value among private universities. Appalachian has also named its LGBT center.

Guilford County Schools has resolved pay discrepancy issues that were plaguing some of its staff members.

As he prepares to retire, Winston-Salem State’s University’s Chancellor Donald Reaves looks back at his time there.

The NC Community College System Small Business Center network celebrates 50 years.

Traditional B&B’s are watching how Asheville will regulate Airbnb properties.

Asheville civic leaders will crank up efforts in the new year to build a new performing arts center.

The City of Charlotte will add more anti-discrimination language to its policies.

The Charlotte City Council has also extended the contract of the retail operator at the Charlotte-Douglas Airport.

A major Fayetteville road project has been delayed again, to the ire of some and joy of others.

Due to changes in the building code, rebuilding one of the fire-destroyed buildings in Carolina Beach won’t be so easy.

Business owners and others are hoping to find businesses that have more staying power for the Castle Street area.

Wake County Schools will inject millions of dollars into 12 of what it considers “high-needs” elementary schools to help elevate their academics and both student and teacher morale.

People are getting parking tickets for parking at, but not using electric charging stations, but still choose to park in front of the stations.

North Carolina is seen as ground zero for the hollowing out of the middle class in this article.

And finally, to save money on paving expenses, Durham officials are considering lowering paving standards on less traveled streets.

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