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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for December 30, 2014

Today’s a special day here at Placebook headquarters. Today marks a year since I decided to have a more active role on my original blog, The Black Urbanist and start doing a daily roundup of news.

Anybody that followed me over there, knows that at first, I was just clipping things similar to the great Breakfast Links roundup at Greater Greater Washington. Yet, in the spirit of that site, I realized that a more localized approach was needed. Hence, the news across North Carolina and this standalone site/email, North Carolina Placebook.

As of this morning, nearly 4,000 people have viewed a version of either this site or the email in just this month alone and I appreciate every bit of those views.

Many internet sites are talking about what they’ve done and what they are doing this time of the year. I am proud to say that my 2014 resolution of spending time daily writing on one or more of my sites has paid off. Many of my speaking and travel opportunities have come of this increased time spent with my blogs and so have many new and closer friendships.

Finally, as I get into today’s news, (and note that there won’t be any on New Years Day, at least not on this page/email), I look forward to bringing you more news you may have missed, along with new guides, similar to our one on how to vote, as 2015 chugs along.

And now, what you came here for, North Carolina news:

News Across North Carolina for December 30, 2014

The Greensboro News and Record‘s annual Scoopy Awards, given to various North Carolina political entities for various reasons.

There will be a Possum Drop, but there won’t be a live animal involved.

When whatever you do choose to watch drop on Wednesday night drops, these laws will go into effect.

Several Triad-area state legislators will take their oaths of office at Greensboro’s Blandwood Mansion, the home of Governor John Motley Morehead.

More on the controversy of homes built near the CTS Superfund site in Asheville.

The fracking moratorium will be lifted soon, but energy companies have not shown interest in setting up major operations.

The final part of a series of articles by the Asheville Citizen-Times on the Asheville police, which explores in depth the search and the past issues surrounding the choice of a police chief.

Uptown Charlotte is preparing for several major sporting events this coming weekend.

Several schools of menhaden fish have turned up dead on shore, as a result of trapping themselves in creeks near the ocean, without the ability to steer themselves out.

The effect of the protest petition on several Wilmington-area projects.

The happenings around Cumberland County’s first solar farm.

Cumberland County’s smaller eastern towns are making formal stands against the potential Sanderson Farms chicken processing operations.

This popular Raleigh coffee shop closed abruptly on Friday. Meanwhile, Greensboro-based micnrobrewer Natty Greene’s continues to expand. Durham’s Kimbrell’s furniture has sold its downtown space and is moving to a different Durham location.

Durham city lawyers will be joining a friend-of the-court brief to the US Supreme Court to strengthen the Fair Housing Act.

The future of the Horace Williams Airport in Chapel Hill, where the plane that fatally crashed into a Montogomery County, MD home earlier this month originated. Also, sediment from the collapsing wall at Asheville’s airport has fallen into a wetland area.

And finally, the latest on Greensboro’s Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center.

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