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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for July 11, 2014

Just the news today. Come back next week for the conclusion of our series on state symbols.

News Across North Carolina July 11 2014

What those of us here in Greensboro are buzzing about, a new House-of-Blues affiliated facility, similar to Charlotte’s Fillmore, in downtown Greensboro.

With a Reynolds and Lorrilard Tobacco merger looming, what this means for both Greeensboro and Winston-Salem.

Several people want to fix up the Cascade Saloon building in downtown Greensboro.

The News and Record wants Greensboro readers to tell them about their neighborhood.

Fayetteville’s mayor is calling for a youth curfew in their city.

Coyotes have come to Charlotte.

No more state budget talks until next week.

A new organic nail salon has opened in Raleigh.

And finally, for your weekend, check out all the changes in home prices, foreclosure rates and a few other housing related stats on the CoreLogic website.


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