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What You Need To Know About North Carolina for July 2, 2014

Clog or shag dance your way over today’s hump. And then between good songs, read the news.

Explaining North Carolina


Shall We Dance

So probably because the General Assembly couldn’t agree on just one dance when they named them in 2005, we have a folk dance (clogging) and a popular dance (shagging). Clogging comes from the blend of European, Native American and African-American line dances in the Appalachian region. Think of all those line dances that tell you to jump forward and slide around, but while also wearing tap dancing shoes so you can hear what’s going on. Oh, and there’s some waltzing and swinging too.  Shagging, not to be confused with what that word means in England, is simply doing some two-step, waltz type, swing dance stuff to R&B music.  People would often hear the music and dance to it in this manner at the beach. You may see it and think of Chicago stepping, as it’s very similar. Also, no loud shoes and it’s not always done as fast as clogging.

Check out videos of Clogging

and Shagging.

And dance your way on down to the news.

News for NC for July 2

If you’ve moved since the first primary in US House District 6, how to make sure you can vote in the second one.

Guilford County is discussing changes in early voting sites.

The Reynolds American and Lorillard merger has several other international financial stakes, which will be a factor in their merger.

The old Reynolds building renovation has jumpstarted more Winston-Salem downtown renovations and revitalizations.

Three more rivers are apparently polluted with coal ash.

Meanwhile Duke Energy has began its cleanup of Town Creek.

A Confederate monument in Reidsville is dividing the community.

The governor’s plan to win back more voter support is being thwarted by the NC Senate.

A Voter ID dry run hit a few bumps.

The City of Raleigh will restart their controversial business incubator.

More details on the ArtPlace grant to Greensboro’s Elsewhere.

Downtown Greensboro Incorporated discusses a new strategy.

No, you aren’t wrong, this Raleigh welcome sign is.

Even though the state will not have a sales tax holiday, Concord Mills is having one anyway.

A NYC consultant gives Mecklenburg County the skinny on new uptown Charlotte properties.

After a death of a colleague, Asheville firefighters are changing their methods.

And finally, if you go camping in the Great Smokies, soon certain types of firewood won’t be allowed.

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