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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 2, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 2, 2015

Due to the holiday and travel, this is your last “What You Need to Know…” We’ll be back on Monday.

Meanwhile, that’s plenty of time to pre-order Get Around North Carolina. Today’s preview of the book, is on navigating I-26:

I-26 might not be on your radar if you don’t drive in the mountains on a regular basis. However, even if you don’t, it’s worth taking a trip. Just like I-77 and I-40 and to a slightly lesser extent I-85 in the mountain areas, I-26 is not for the faint of heart. One of its highest points is 3,760 feet high. It sustains an elevation of at least 3,000 feet for at least 2 miles of its alignment in the state. The highest bridge in the state is there. You’ll naturally encounter I-26 if you drive from Kingsport, TN, through Asheville and onward through South Carolina where you encounter Columbia and eventually Charleston.

Alright, here’s your news:

The latest on the bill to change Greensboro’s City Council. This is expected to be the final version to vote on.

Raleigh’s working on a new bike plan.

All state residential property owners could lose a provision to help them determine what they want around their homes, if this bill goes through.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources will support that bill I mentioned yesterday after all.

Will anyone be able to make money on solar in the state, with potential changes in tax credits?

The governor is still pushing for his transportation plan.

And finally, this is the nation’s best burger, according to Trip Advisor.

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