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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 21, 2014

Once again, just the news.

News Across North Carolina for July 21 2014

These bridges are some of the worst in North Carolina. Good thing is that many of them will be getting fixed soon.

The Poet Laureate drama has made Gawker.

The Triad is now in drought watch.

The director of the NC lottery has noted that there is room for growth with the lottery.

The Greensboro police will hold public forums in several public housing communities.

 Stevia may save some North Carolina farmers.

Celebrating 50 years of state wilderness areas.

Get to know the charms of some of the Northern Piedmont counties.

The latest on the state budget.

The Army Corps of Engineers will continue several of its coastal projects, as well as take on new ones as needed.

Is the Grove Park Inn in Asheville charging $15 to park?

Asheville is spending money to fix its many water leaks.

People in the mountains are making less than people statewide.

Google Fiber’s work to come online in Charlotte.

The vote on Fayetteville’s tobacco shops ordinance is on hold.

And finally, who remembers Ivey’s in downtown Charlotte (and other areas statewide).

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