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What You Need To Know About North Carolina for July 22, 2014

Again, just the news.

News Across North Carolina for July 22 2014

Reidsville has a new police chief.

What is officially going on with all the redevelopment efforts in High Point.

Fayetteville’s Prince Charles Hotel appears to finally be getting a new life.

The Fayetteville area will be getting one more Walmart.

Harnett County will raise a bond referendum for their schools.

Because the budget is still at an impasse, some leaders are saying that teacher raises are back on the line for cuts.

Because it wasn’t specific enough, a Columbus County zoning ordinance now has more  specific language on adult bookstores.

Asheville is seeking federal funding to help usher in changes in how they handle public housing.

A followup from Monday, all the broken bridges in the state.

Breweries and brewpubs can be closer to homes in Charlotte.

Lake Norman is adding more homes.

This bill is getting better looking. Crowdfunding up to 1 million, and counties can still tax for transit at whatever level they see fit.

Raleigh’s Capital Area Transit is hiking general fares, but not for the R-Line downtown circulator.

And finally Durham’s Refectory is still green, still following its original mission.


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