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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 8, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 8, 2015

Hello folks! With all the rain and storms, my thoughts are hearking back home, back home to the beachfront, namely the Outer Banks. Leaving the sharks out of it, as well as the hurricanes and you have our most unique natural resource outside of the fact we have three major land type changes across the state. As I’m sharing pieces of Get Across North Carolina with you until its release on July 22, I could help but take the time to talk about NC 12.

If you decide to fly into Norfolk, you have another option of exploring North Carolina by road, cruising down NC 12 and the Outer Banks. The route is unique in that you may feel at times you are driving in the ocean for 200 miles. At some points, you can’t even drive, a ferry does the heavy lifting for you. 

NC 12 has had various iterations, but at this point, it spans the entire set of barrier islands that make up the Outer Banks, connecting all the major towns and parks along the route. Yes, that includes the lighthouses. It also connects on both the north and south ends with the mainland, plus major east/west routes US 64 and US 70.

It’s also forever changing, thanks to storms, erosion and sometimes complete washouts. However, if you live or work or play on the Outer Banks, the road is your lifeline to getting in and around the islands and back to the mainland.

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This state historical site is still selling some items related to the Confederate flag, but only in the context of educating people about the Civil War.

Biking and walking will be on the agenda at the next public hearing on the Business 40 project in Winston-Salem.

NewBridge Bank Park, where the Greensboro Grasshoppers play, owes back taxes.

So far 14 magistrates statewide have used the recusal law to avoid performing same-sex unions.

School systems statewide are waiting on word about teacher assistant funding.

BlueCross BlueShield wants to raise rates on its health exchange plans and is eligible to receive $295 million in subsides from the federal health exchange.

There’s a boom statewide in legal craft distilleries.

Jacksonville is the most expensive city in North Carolina and beats out several other cities in other states with it’s high cost of living.

Improvements on NC 24 are expected to be done by September 2016.

Fayetteville’s new red light cameras will begin to charge people today for violations of the traffic laws around the signals.

Raleigh’s downtown parking fees are back on the agenda of the city council, thanks to a campaign by downtown business owners to change the hours the fees are in effect.

And finally, Durham mayor Bill Bell will retire after his next term, pending he wins election again.

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