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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 9

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 9, 2015

Good morning folks. Try not to bake outside. Take a moment and read the news. Before that, today’s preview of Get Around North Carolina, a bit about US 70.

US 70 is another one of those east coast/west coast pre-interstate highways. It no longer goes as far west as it used to, stopping in Arizona, where on select days, the missile strikes can close it. Yet you can still pick it up in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and finally, it comes into North Carolina in the mountains. 

US 70 hits Asheville, Greensboro, Durham and Raleigh and is a major crosstown route in all of those places. It goes back and forth between being a two-lane rural road,a quiet residential street,a suburban strip mall haul,  co-signing with various interstates and then being its own freeway, until you get from Raleigh down to Atlantic, where it connects with NC 12 and let’s you traverse the Outer Banks. Between Raleigh and NC 12, it’s due southeast and hits all the major cities in that corner of the state.

Essentially, this is your highway if you want to do the cross-state trip that US 64 provides, but on a more southernly journey.

Pre-order Get Around North Carolina here. Look for some special offers with the book, as loyal readers of this email/blog. Now your news

This guy is restoring Nina Simone’s childhood home in Tryon.

How I-485 created Charlotte’s sprawl and identity as a major national growth center.

The breakdown of Greensboro’s new council districts and who could run in each.

Meanwhile, this could all be null and void, as the City of Greensboro will sue the state over the bill.

Forsyth County may make bike racks mandatory. And the city of Winston-Salem may standardize all it’s newspaper racks.

You can also hang out in a safer version of Jurassic Park in Winston-Salem this weekend.

Buncombe County, home of Asheville, has a documented issue retaining middle-class jobs.

Also going to court, this developer and the southeastern NC town of Belville.

At the General Assembly and State Capitol: The governor has signed the Sunday hunting bill, and hunting can start on October 1.

Fayetteville has opened another women’s homeless shelter.

Raleigh’s parking decks are charging for weekend entry, for cleaning up beer bottles and human body waste.

And finally, Cherrie Berry could disappear from an elevator near you.

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