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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 11, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 11, 2015

So my passport’s here, my big moving boxes are here and it’s moving time! Looking forward to sharing my story and ideas with folks in Arkansas and many fellow young leaders in Toronto, who will be making changes back in communities across the U.S., including Charlotte over this next week. Going to warn you now, you may or may not see this newsletter Monday-Wednesday, but I’ll make sure care is taken that you learn something on those days about our fair state. Oh, and as a bonus, a new post here. Now, today’s news:

This House representative will step down at the end of the session and go work for the N.C. Justice Center.

The Senate bill that will change the Greensboro City Council districts was attached to another bill that will change the Trinity City Council districts and could be passed without any requested changes, such as a referendum for Greensboro citizens to vote on changing their districts.

Uber is helping the General Assembly write regulations on how to operate Uber.

The Senate has also released its latest tax and economic development bill, which adds 46 new proposals to the original House bill.

A Greensboro City Council member will step down, in order to become president and CEO of Downtown Greensboro, Inc.

A new animal sanctuary in Western North Carolina is coming, built by a popular music group. Employees now own this popular Asheville music store.

Sales of the Appalachian Trail license plate have exceeded $1 million.

You can now renew your driver’s license online.

Now that a city-owned parking lot is being operated by the visitors bureau in Charlotte and not a company owned by a former mayor, there are questions of if the city and people parking had been shortchanged under the old management.

Cottage-style homes could become part of Wilmington’s building code.

Why flags are at half-mast.

A commission looking to make changes in the Army, held its first meeting of the nationwide initiative in Fayetteville yesterday.

And finally, the City of Greensboro is keeping the discussion alive on how to fix their food deserts. The city has also received a federal grant to fix such areas.

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