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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 12, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 12, 2015

Before I partake of the Charlotte-Douglas rocking chairs, let me bring you some news:

UNC-Chapel Hill is under academic sanctions. We are still waiting to hear if those will extend to the athletic department.

How rural school districts “Down East” are bringing students back to school.

The Lorillard/Reynolds merger is final and the iconic sign on the Lorillard plant in Greensboro could come down. Yet a surprising connection to one of the summer’s great festivals is hidden in the legacy of the company.

The governor’s veto of SB 2 (the magistrate bill) was overridden in the House yesterday.

Twelve other bills that have become law.

The photo alone of this story accompanying the latest story on the changes to the Greensboro City Council is newsworthy.

Speaking of Greensboro City Council changes…here’s who wants to replace the resigning council member.

These folks want to replace the resigning Fayetteville representative.

The state Supreme Court has ruled that coal ash clean-up doesn’t have to happen immediately.

According to a report, the state is not ready for changes that may come if the US Supreme Court changes the terms of the Affordable Care Act.

The state Attorney General’s office will take legal action against the uptown Charlotte Ritz-Carlton after they put a service charge on the bill targeting a predominately black attended event.

How school districts in Southeastern North Carolina are handling the higher costs of school lunch.

The state is banning public poultry shows this fall, due to a threat of bird flu.

And finally, this native North-Carolinian defends her home region in the Harvard Political Review, while recognizing its flaws.

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