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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 16, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 16, 2015

All I can say this morning is please do not melt. I assume none of you are the Wicked Witch of the West. There’s a video here about that, in case you need to drive in the fact that its hot. Meanwhile, Toronto is still temperate. Rainy and foggy, but nice.

I did want to mention I went to three of the most North Carolinian of the museums yesterday, the Gardiner, the Bata and the Textile Museum. The Gardiner highlights pottery and ceramics from all over the world, the Bata is shoes from all over the world and the Textile museum is world textiles.

I know our museums overlap these areas, and so do some of the ones here. Most of these were created by benefactors, who instead of dedicating a wing to a particular collection, or waiting until they were old to sell it off or even loan things on a regular basis, to just start their own museums.

Anyway, I’d suggest checking out all the Raleigh museums to stay cool today and reading this bit of news:

This is the proper Hobbes/Friendly link from yesterday.

Meet Charlotte’s new police chief.

The group pushing for artistic bridges over Business 40 in Winston-Salem, has unveiled their ideas. These ideas have yet to be incorporated in the redesign of the highway that will begin next year.

Guilford County has opened the Family Justice Center, a free and centralized place for families struggling with social service issues, neglect, abuse and other similar issues can get help.

Buncombe County and its school districts are working on housing its teachers, which is becoming a problem with the high housing costs in the county.

The Charlotte Observer asks if all the new apartments there risk sterilizing the city. An example of another smaller, but multi-use building going away for an apartment tower.

The new state budget doesn’t have a lot in the way of film incentives.

This is the full Senate version of the new state budget.

No more doughnuts in downtown Wilmington, at least for now.

More bad news for the homeless women veterans shelter in Fayetteville that gained national attention with the building of its current home.

Both the Chapel Hill elementary teacher who read a gay-themed fairy tale in his class and his assistant principal have resigned their positions.

And finally, a co-working space that also has a Montessori daycare has opened.

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