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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 18, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 18, 2015

Good morning folks! I’m back in my home state for only one more week! Travel is amazing, moving, well…

I was inspired in many ways over the last week. One key piece of my inspiration was to talk about travel.

I’d wanted to do an e-book (and that’s coming, look out for the information on how to order), but instead of dropping the whole thing on you at one time, I’m going to include pieces of it right here in the top half of the email.

You’ll still get a splattering of news every day. However, some of the best things about this state aren’t always newsworthy in the traditional sense.

So today, my travel advice is simple. Come to North Carolina. Over the next few weeks, we are going to do what Delta’s Sky Magazine has already done and spotlight my home city of Greensboro and its surrounding cities. When the series is done, look for the full blown travel guide.

These guidebooks will also help you support me, as I continue this project as I become a native, not-a-resident-but-still-passionate, person about North Carolina.

And now, your news:

So that Greensboro skyline you see above, it’s going to change very soon. Meanwhile, your new Downtown Greensboro, Inc. president.

The now combined Greensboro/Trinity council redistricting bills could see a vote today.

The Greensboro Police Department has its own app, for both information and crime reporting.

The company that probably built your school bus, is expanding in the Triad area.

If I’d wanted to take Uber or Lyft yesterday from the Charlotte-Douglass Airport, I could have and in the future, I could from a special spot.

You can fish on July 4th without a state license.

And we have another campaign finance misuse case, the State Board of Elections has voted to send state Senator Fletcher Hartsell  to court, although reports state he has paid the debts back to his campaign.

And finally, there’s so little room for new schools in Wake County these days, officials are considering building on hazardous grounds.


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