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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 23, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 23, 2015

ICYMI yesterday, I’m launching Travel Guide #1-Get Around North Carolina. For the next few weeks as I make a big journey of my own, I’ll be including parts of this new guide right here in the email/blog. Also, please tweet, comment or reply back to let me know your own travel tips for moving around the state. Today, I get back to the place of the pearly rocking chairs, Charlotte-Douglass International Airport.

The Queen City of Charlotte has the queen of all airports in the state. Maybe even the South, if Atlanta wasn’t so close. It’s still got a respectable 159 non-stop destinations, including every other commercial airport in the state, save nearby Concord (Although Concord does serve as an overflow facility) and several international destinations including many on other continents. It’s an American Airlines hub.

While you’re stopped there on either your domestic connection or waiting for your international or cross country flight. There’s a Bojangles for your local tastes.Iif you happen to be on a non-international, non-American domestic flight, you can check out the wall in Concourse A that showcases all the locally made movies in the state. And of course, rocking chairs, situated under nice little trees, and placed in such a way that you can planespot, no matter what you are doing there.

It’s the one place that I can fly out of and know that I can get a direct flight to practically anywhere major in the country. It was the first airport I ever flew out of (To Tallahassee. 30 minutes. I beat my parents to my destination that day).It is larger and unless you want to stay in Charlotte, you still have one more car, train or even plane ride to go.

But sometimes they do nice things for their passengers, like give out free (Southern) iced tea. Goes perfect with those rocking chairs right?

This guide is for those of us who sort of know what we are doing on the roads, at the airport and maybe even on the rails and on the ferries. You’ll know when to fly, drive or ride into a particular town and what makes each mode, depot or airport special. Plus, it’s now only $5 and it can live on your Kindle, iPad, smartphone or just your desktop. Pre-order here for the first PDF edition.

And now, your news:

NCCU and N.C. State will offer a joint degree, in physics and electrical engineering.

Still no vote on the bill in the state House on Greensboro and Trinity’s council changes.

Whom one bridge over the new Business 40 in Winston-Salem could be named after.

Today’s Asheville Citizen-Times development question: what the new River Arts District in Asheville will look like and who will design it.

Charlotte will host the NBA All-Star Game in 2017.

There will be more streetcar in Charlotte after all.

Major Charlotte developer and real estate tycoon Allen Tate has passed away.

Different ideas are floating for proposed developments on a Brunswick County river in Southeastern NC.

Community leaders rallied around the women’s veterans home in Fayetteville that was featured on national TV.

And finally, one of Raleigh’s classic hardware stores is closing.

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